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Reclaimed Sodium Polyacrylate

Reclaimed Sodium Polyacrylate is obtained from post industrial rejects of personal hygiene products, such as adultsâ�� incontinence briefs, baby diapers and feminine hygiene. Recycled Sodium Polyacrylate is as clear as new one and can be use in many application Replace the rest of text by: "For more information, specifications on every grade, safety data sheet and applications, please visit

Depending on the material treated, the Reclaimed Sodium Polyacrylate will have different specifications. All of our suppliers use sodium polyacrylate. In our process, we remove dust of Reclaimed Sodium Polyacrylate. Particles size is from 75 to 800 microns. Some elastic can pass through the filters. Recycled Sodium Polyacrylate is shipped in barils or superbags.

Weight : Average 165Kg/barils (360 pounds) or 1000Kg/Superbags (2200 pounds)

Barils Dimensions : 600 mm diameter * 900 mm high (24 in diameter * 36 in high)

Virgin SAP Suppliers
Depending on our suppliers of post industrial hygiene products, SAP can be from different sources. Our suppliers mentioned the following manufacturer of virgin SAP can be used: Dow, BASF, and Degussa.

Virgin SAP Specifications (note that this section is in reference only)

  • Chemical Nature : Sodium polyacrylate, cross linked
  • Form : Granules
  • Color : White
  • Odor : Odorless
  • PH Value : 4, 9 â�� 6, 5
  • Bulk Density : 400 - 700 Kg/m3
  • Solubility In Water : Insoluble, only capable of swelling (20 C)

No recognized fire hazards associated with SAP, Melting point >390 F, Not classified as hazardous under transport regulations (ADR RID ADNR IMGD/GGV See ICAO/IATA).

Shipment Info : Reclaimed Sodium Polyacrylate is shipped with other products to complete full loaded, by LTL, or in full truck load.

Price : Please contact us

Minimum Order Quantity : 15 MT (one 40 feet HC container)