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Reclaimed Plastic

Reclaimed Plastic is reclaimed from post industrial rejects of personal hygiene products, such as adults incontinence briefs, baby diapers and feminine hygiene. Reclaimed Plastic from post-industrial hygiene products is mainly used in plastic lumber industry. We are capable of offering Reclaimed Plastic in bulk quantity, as per clients requirements.

Depending on the material treated, the Reclaimed Plastic will have different specifications. The plastics are mixed from many sources in the same bale. It could be possible to separate some kind of plastic, if it is interested for both parties. For example, from one of the source, we reclaim colored mixed LDPE and LDPP plastics with impurities composed of around 5% fluff pulp with trace of SAP and max 2% of elastics. From another source, we reclaim white stretchable mixed LDPP and LDPE plastic with impurities composed of elastomere (% not mentioned by the original manufacturer), around 3% fluff pulp with trace of SAP and max 7% of elastics. Depending on where the client is located, we can supply densified materials.

Bales Weight : Depending on the material treated and because we use an open baler, the bales weight vary from 250 Kg to 400 Kg with an average of 325Kg/bales (700 pounds/bales).

Bales Dimensions : 750 mm * 750 mm * 2 m length (30 inches * 30 inches * 80 in length)

Shipment Info : 15 metric tons can be loaded in a 40 feet high cube container or 21 MT in a 53feet trailer.

Price : 200 USD/ MT

Minimum Order Quantity : 15 MT (one 40 feet HC container)